Tenant Handbook

Standard Signage

Suite Door Signage:

Description:   18” x 18” brushed stainless steel plate with glass overlay.  Glass has a 13 ¼” x 13 ¼” field within which a company logo can be applied using vinyl or silk-screen lettering.

Suite door sign to be placed on the Tenant’s front door.  Only one building standardsuite door sign per door is allowed.


Building standard suite door sign is $381.64 for in-house labor and materials to install. Suite door sign with graphics is $672.06 for in-house labor and materials to install. Costs are subject to change.

Graphics:   Tenant has the option of using our in-house graphics designer or using an outside graphics contractor to copy their logo onto the glass.  If our in-house graphics designer is requested to do the work, the tenants must supply Property Management with camera-ready artwork with minimum letter height of 1”.  Our graphics designer will duplicate, as closely as possible, the Tenant’s logo using the colors and typestyles available. The suite number will be located in the upper left hand corner. The typestyle will be Universal 57 and the numbers will be in white. If Tenant chooses an outside contractor, the Property Manager can provide a list of recommended vendors.

Signs will be installed within two weeks of the Property Manager receiving the completed form from the Tenant.

Requirement:   All company logos must be approved by Embarcadero Management prior to installation.

Floor Directory Signage


20” x 20” brushed stainless steel plate with glass overlay.   Total number of lines per lobby directory is 8. Each line accommodates approximately 30 characters. Tenant suites will be listed in numerical order, in white vinyl lettering and in Universal 57 typestyle.


The floor directory is located in the elevator lobby on each floor.

Provisions:   Each main Tenant will receive one line for every 2,500 sq. ft. of leased office space on that floor. For example, if a Tenant has leased 5,967 sq. ft. of office space, they will be provided with 2 lines. If a Tenant has leased less than 2,500 sq. ft. total office space, they will still receive one line on the lobby directory.

Tenants will be billed $168.36 for in-house labor and materials for adding the Tenant name to the lobby directory. Costs are subject to change.

Installation:       Tenant names will be added to the lobby directory within two weeks of the PropertyManager having received the completed form from the tenant