Tenant Handbook

Workplace Safety and Procedures

Earthquake Preparedness
Boston Properties offers an annual Earthquake Preparedness training and presentation on structural engineering, earthquake dynamics, personal safety and the Building Occupancy Resumption Plan (BORP). 

Tenant Warden Training
In anticipation of the Annual Tenant Relocation Drill, Boston Properties offers an annual Tenant Warden Training. The presentation will provide your tenant warden staff a review of emergency procedures.

Relocation Drill
The Annual Building Relocation Drill is conducted in compliance with Article 19 of the San Francisco Fire Code and California SB 198 requiring that employers provide a safety program for their employees. The drill will simulate an actual emergency by activating the audible tones, strobes, and smoke doors.  To help prepare your employees for emergency situations, we urge you to encourage participation in this annual training and drill. 

If you have any questions regarding Life Safety, please contact Enrique Ramos, Life Safety Coordinator, at 415-772-0563 or eramos@contractor.bostonproperties.com.